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Youth Drama Group  
Since 2014 Citadel has run a popular Youth Drama Group. We have hired and part-funded an experienced drama teacher for a group for primary age children held in Leith Community Centre. Under Andrea MacKenzie the young people performed a referendum play, 'Aye or No' then the more ambitious play, 'Leith Witch Academy'.

With Derek McGhie they continued to grow in confidence through movement and drama games. One  performance was so well received that one Grandad told us: “I’ve seen many of the bairns' performance things and they’re usually rotten but that was great.” One of the children’s mothers told Derek that her daughter used to attend the Lyceum Theatre Youth Group but had given that up as the Leith Community Group was much better.

In 2019 Marilyn Wilson took over as drama teacher and plans to work with Citadel playwright, Susan Chaney to develop a play with the older group of P5-7 children. 


Community Projects  

We are committed to nurturing inspiration and promoting creative growth and the magic of live performance. We work to bring learning and joy to audiences in communities across Scotland.
Citadel Arts Group produces plays and nurtures new playwrights of all ages, especially mature writers. The company also brings together writers, actors and directors, costume makers, sound engineers, prop makers and theatre workers in a unique collaboration from a play’s start to its finish.


cross generational discussion
Post show generational discussion
Cornbank Primary School, Penicuik
Cross-generational post-show discussion
We believe theatre is a total experience. It begins with the creation of a script through the WEA Playwrights Workshop, grows in rehearsal, and culminates in a stage performance which touches and challenges audiences. Our aim is to bring the generations together and reach people who do not often have access to live theatre in their own communities.
Our writers are invited to attend auditions and rehearsals, watch improvisation sessions, assist in revising scripts, meet the stage crew, and participate in the process of stage production. We work as a team using the talents of our whole crew throughout production. We are committed to nurturing inspiration and promoting creative growth.
Cast and writers
  Cast and writer - Deacon Brodie
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Sponsors and Associates

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WEA Citadel Arts Group acknowledges thecontinuing support of our partners, the Workers’ Educational Association. The WEA support new writing through funding the Playwrights Workshop and a range of educational classes including Theatre Studies.

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